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May 2, 2017

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

Russell Scott Releases New EP!!

Shout out to KMG family Russell Scott for his brand new project release "Definition of Pursuit" which was recorded & mixed by Chase Thompson and mastered by Greg Kimble at KMGLife Inc.! It is a great tale of perseverance and relentlessly following your dreams until you make them a reality!

Introducing New AMP Program at KMG Academy

We're excited to unveil our brand new Ableton Music Production Program (AMP) dedicated specifically to music production and performance inside Ableton Live Suite. The courses are geared toward breaking down the program and its individual modules in an easy to understand way including a curriculum designed to really help you gain the ability and speed that will rocket you passed the learning curve of this extremely deep, powerful program. Call today to sign up for the next sessions! (720) 250-9020

New Vintage Keys Available For Rent

Check out our new selection of vintage keyboards available for rent! Honor Clavinet, Hammond B3 with Leslie rotary amplifier, and a Wurlitzer! They sound great and we'd love to have you feature them in your music. Call for more information today! (720) 250-9020

KMGLife Inc. Hosts Open Mic Night!

We are proud to introduce KMG's brand new open mic night run by our very own Rob Gedelian! It's open to anything you'd like to share so bring your instruments, spoken word, improv, whatever you can come up with and share it with the rest of us in the Creative Cafe at KMGLife Inc.! Sign up begins at 6:30PM and it's first come first serve so be here early! Show time is 7PM-10PM. For more information or to RSVP click HERE!

May 9, 2017

New Pries Video | "FU Pay Me"

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

New Ableton Lab!!

We are pleased to announce that inline with our new AMP Program (Ableton Music Production) headed by Zaak Kerstetter, we've added a new Ableton lab! We have 16 brand new Push 2s and are working to build out the rest of the room. Stay tuned!

KMG Podcast Feature | Chilly Willi

KMG Fam Jonny Woods Live at Zeal

Shout out to Jonny Woods for his recent performance at Zeal!! His acoustic, sultry sound captivated the entire audience during his incredible intimate show. We are ecstatic that he decided to record his recent project with us and it's coming along great! Stay tuned for the release of this new up and coming singer/songwriter. It's sure to amaze!

May 16, 2017

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Weekly Open Mic Night Off To A Great Start

The weekly KMG Open Mic Night hosted by the KMG Marketing Club and Rob Gedelian is off to a fantastic start. Last weeks turn out was amazing and lasted to the end of the night! We were very grateful to hear some incredible local talent. Be sure to sign up for the May 22nd event by showing up early. Sign-up begins at 6:30PM, open mic begins at 7PM. (720) 250-9020

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KMG Top Tracks of the Week

KMG AMP and RAAB Programs Are Currently Enrolling for the Summer!

With summer approaching we are excited to train a new group of students in both of our Recording Arts and Business Program (RAAB) as well as our Ableton Music Production Program (AMP). Our RAAB program takes you through 12 months specifically designed to train you for a career in the music industry as well as teach you to become a top notch audio engineer. The AMP program is specifically designed to help you crush Ableton Live 9 Suite either as a performance DAW or for production.

Call us today! (720) 250-9020

Spread The Word Music Festival 2017

This year, KMG had the distinct pleasure of having a number of our RAAB program students intern at Spread The Word Music Festival. This was an incredible opportunity for our students to get out there into the real music industry world, sweat a little, get their hands dirty, network, and have a great time applying the skills they've learned in a real life, work setting. One or two of our students were even offered a job based solely on how well they did assisting at the event. The possibilities really are endless!

May 24, 2017

Student Feature // Shout Out to Katmandoom!!

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

KMG Open Mic Success!

Big shout out to Rob Gedelian and the Keep Marketing Growing club here at KMG for continuing to rock the open mic nights every Monday night. This weeks was another success and this has become a great Monday night hang for the area so come on down to next weeks and sign up! It's a great way to network and get your work heard.

Ableton Music Meet Up

This edition of the meet up, as always, was packed with informative tips and tricks for helping to hone your abilities to use Ableton Live 9 as a production DAW and for performance. Be sure to come check the next one out and bring your rig for some Q&A and really get your sound tuned in!

Artist Spot Light Interview: XOA

What are the origins of XOA?

The band originally started with Ian and I (current bass player) It was a 5 piece group with guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals, and we went by the name "Chronotron."  We played under that moniker for about a year until there was a re-structuring of the band. We decided to drop the full-time vocals and our keyboardist took a more "behind the scenes" role with the project. Ian and I carried on the legacy and added a new drummer: Kyle Robins, about 2 years ago. We only played 2 shows as a trio before we brought on a new keyboardist: Steve Radtke. At this point some re-branding was needed and Xoa was formed. We have been in this formation coming up on a year now I believe.

Where does the name come from?

The name has no significance outside of the band really. We were trying to come up with an intriguing/phonetically interesting name but we all wanted in to be short. If I remember correctly Kyle had a suggestion in the form of "mesozoic" which is the period of time consisting of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretacious periods, in other words the time of the dinosaurs, so I think we were just riffing off ideas from that seed and we came to protozoa, then zoa then Xoa. Also we are working hard to change the popular public tendency to think that its an acronym and capitalize all the letters, but we are still working on that one haha.

What are your individual music backgrounds?

Cian: I come from a blues and classic rock upbringing. growing up as a kid I really loved most of the big name guitar virtuoso's: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Santana, and Eric Clapton. Once I started maturing in my taste I got into a lot of jam band, and prog rock styles that focus on more of a unified band type of feel rather than a guitarist in front of a backing band. Some of my favorite bands now are: Tauk, Umphreys McGee, Lotus, Genetics, Ween, Papadosio.....to name a few.Ian: I started playing cello in 5th grade, and played in my school orchestras and The Boulder Youth Symphony through high school. I picked up bass guitar when I was 16, and majored in music performance on bass for 2 years at University of Colorado before changing to a Recording Arts major. I love classic rock like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc, and a wide variety of metal such as Meshuggah, Opeth, SunnO))), Deathspell Omega, Drudkh, Cradle of Filth, Woe, Wolves in the Throne Room, Om, and Sleep.

Kyle:  I grew up listening to alternative rock, the Offspring, System of a Down, Sublime, Jimmy Eat World, Deftones etc.  I started taking drum lessons when I was 10 where my teacher got me hooked onto classics, eg Rush, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, then as the angsty teenager inside me began to blossom, I became addicted to Tool, and Danny Carey made me want to play the drums.  I'd say my drumming style sounds like a combination of the Red Hot Chili Peps, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, and Primus, layered with a heavy dancy four-on-the-floor element.

How has the process of fitting your different tastes together be going to make the cohesive sound you've been able to create?

ummmmm, thats a difficult question....I think we are slowly seeing the answer to that materialize as we create our first album together. The first EP was composed mainly by myself (Cian) and our current producer/ex-keyboardist (Jacob) We have been playing a lot of the other material as a group for some time but we have yet to record that music so it is still developing.

You've begun tracking your new album here at KMG; What are the goals for this project?

To produce a unified, awesome sounding, 7 track EP! We have been working with Chase to create the EP we've always wanted. The recording process is a process that we are constantly learning and becoming more familiar with. We can't think of anyone else we would want to help guide us through this journey than Chase and the rest of the team over there at KMG!

I think you guys have done an excellent job making a unique sound by blending a few different styles. Was that something you guys planned or just happened organically?

To be honest....none of this was planned. We all had a lot of musical overlap as well as a passion and the motivation to get something done about it. It's a project that has been going for awhile in a few different shapes and forms, but I feel like its now in its final stages preparing to make some big moves. Pretty much everything has happened organically since we have reached our current formation. We all play a part in writing, deciding on live performance aspects, and we all chip in to cover the logistics for everything else. The band has no manager or any outside agency supporting it at all, we do all our own, booking, graphics, promotion, and promotion. So it truly is an organic blend.

What are the future goals for the band overall and what can we expect in the future?

our future goals  consist of finishing this album first. Then hopefully playing out at more festivals such a sonic bloom and arise in the future. And hopefully putting together a tour in the future reaching outside of Colorado.

KMG Student Feature / Conner Bradley and Keep Marketing Growing Club

May 30, 2017

What led you to start the marketing club?

Quite a lot of reasons actually. But really the main reason for starting the marketing club is the huge demand for marketing in the music industry. Before KMG I had been working on a project that was solely focused on music, but as we progressed we started to really focus on the message and the story, aka the marketing side of things. The more research we did the more we realized the importance of marketing. Well fast forward a couple years, after paying close attention to the business side of the music industry, I landed at KMG and noticed a lot of students were working on similar projects that I had attempted in the past. Projects that needed marketing. So I thought the best way we could help each other with marketing was to share ideas about our projects. So that's how the club developed. I wanted to create a place where students come in and dedicate time and energy to the projects they are working on, with a specific focus on marketing, instead of just music. So that's really what it's all about, focusing on marketing, learning about marketing, and applying it to our music projects. But really the most important part is the community of support we have built, and the creative ideas that keep on providing motivation.

What are your goals?

Generally, to succeed and help others along the way. I see the marketing club as a way to help others grow their brand or project or just overall knowledge about the marketing side of things. I want it to be a community, something that is shared by everyone who goes there to give and receive support. I also want it to be a tool that people at KMGLife Inc. can use to get their projects done. For example, open mic night is something that the marketing club helps facilitate, but it wasn't our idea. Rob Gedelian came up with it, we just did our best to make it happen and make it as successful as possible. Beyond a tool that helps people at KMG succeed at marketing, I want it to be available to artists outside of KMG, or anyone looking to work on the marketing side of things. So even if a new student wants to come and check out the marketing club before enrolling, they can do that, or someone who graduated wants to come back and spit some knowledge to the students, they can do that as well.

What do you hope to see the club grow into?

I spoke on this a little in the last paragraph, but I want to see it grow into a place that helps KMG grow and a community of people in and outside of KMG. Of course, I also want to see it grow beyond that and move toward a functioning business, ideally as a place where students can get internships and/or as a service that can help promote a show or album, etc. for artists outside of KMG.

How have you seen the club grow since it's inception?

I've seen the club go through a couple early phases, and really since it's so new it hasn't formulated into a consistent vibe until just recently. The first few meetings, and every meeting thus far has been successful, but nothing has really been similar until recently. There have been different topics, lots of awesome discussions, and different people every time. However, now a core group of students that are really passionate about marketing have been coming and we've been making some awesome things happen because of it. We've basically gotten to the point where we can all work together to move beyond just an introduction to marketing to actual tasks and actions that are applied to specific projects. So, we've all been able to work together on open mic night, as well as some individual projects that are going on. Since there has been success, we've been adding more projects to the list and now instead of just sitting around talking about marketing we are actually doing marketing and making a big difference.

What's in store for the future?

All of the things we've been doing now to the power of ten. More marketing, less not marketing. More success. Big goals will be achieved that's for sure. I think the energy and ideas that are brought to the table in the club are awesome and everyone has so much potential to realize these goals we have for ourselves and our music careers. All we need is to get to work, and really work together to help each other get there.

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

KMG FAM | Bootstrap Disco

Check out the brand new FIRST EVER release from Bootstrap Disco, "Help Me Stand Strong." We had the pleasure of hearing them at one of our KMG Open Mic Nights and they were spectacular! Check them out on Facebook and catch them at a show near you!

Upslope Get Down 2017

This year's event went off without a hitch and marked the 4th Anniversary of Upslope's staple event of the year. Bringing Roosevelt Collier and a host of other incredible groups -- and taking place just after a late May Snow (rain/sleet/hail) storm, the people were out in troves to grab a little sunshine and a fresh cold brew. Our KMG Fam Sixty Minute Men even took the stage, wowing the crowds with their funky, soulful sounds!

This was a fantastic and record breaking event with 5,600 people and 96% waste diversion! We can't wait to see what next year's event will bring, so stay tuned!

Shout Out to KMG FAM Late Night Crew

Late night crew (LNC) is one of the most popular promotional companies in the Denver area right now, but they are much more than that. Their services stretch beyond party goer needs.

Founded by Andre Fabre in 2015, LNC was created to serve as a reliable resource for party planning, marketing, and special event coordination as well as functioning within the music industry in the realm of artist management. The idea behind the group is being dedicated to your dream!

We are proud to know these guys and truly appreciate the value they bring to the Denver music scene. Be sure to keep an eye on them, they have some big things in the works!

Jun 6, 2017

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

KMGLife Inc. Returns to Denver | Partnership with

Ether Studios!

We are happy to announce that together with Grammy Award-winner Clark Hagan, KMG is taking things to the next level and partnering with Ether Studios to bring the #KMGLIFE back to Denver!

Clark has worked with national artists such as Chet Atkins, Kenny Passarelli, Marty Haggard, and Eugene Moles along with Colorado artists such as Dave Preston, Oscar Ross, Wild Angels, Nick O’Connor, and Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels, and has also worked with Caribou Ranch estate on the “Caribou Collection” project with artists Elton John, Billy Joel, and Chicago. These are just a few of his many accolades.

The new location houses a 36 channel Neotek analogue console, original Neve 1073 pre-amps, original 1176s by UREI, and original LA3A and LA2A by UREI/Teletronix.

In honor of this bold new step for KMG, we are offering 10 hour blocks for $500 from now until the Grand Opening! This is a great deal as the new location will go for $65 so don't wait and call today! (720) 250-9020

Grand Opening date and time TBD.

Album Review | The 717 Project

The 717 Project is a fringe concept album from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where the idea was to showcase multiple producers and artists from the area since it isn't as well known for it's musical talent. However, after listening to this album, we were blown away! We didn't realize just how asleep we were.

The contributing artists and producers on the project are as follows: QueenzNicky the JetHenrockNakuVibe Lab- Kysmif & C.TheProducerD. GreenNa CarterSalmira SalmondJFreshTaDefTravy LavelleTDCT.JamesLil DrayS Dot FloNukeChase GleetchIliasMesonJym RacksCheebsEllzYung FaucetRico Morel. You can head to all of their social media pages to check out more from the Harrisburg!

Dope - Henrock ft Naku is one of our favorite tracks. With some elements reminiscent of classic Chris Brown (debut album), this track gets you bobbing your head immediately. With skillful blending of lyricism, singing, and production value, this is easily one of the best tracks of the project.

Vanity is a powerful track. Period. It asks many relatable questions and makes points that we all struggle with on a daily basis; especially as musicians. Staying true to ourselves, choosing our own principals and values, and allowing those choices to shape our art. Green paints a powerful picture of an artist trying to figure out who they are and how to succeed. Referencing the act of looking at ourselves in the mirror, he asks if we like or even recognize what we see in the reflection to make the listener consider and relate to the feelings of crippling self-doubt and a sense of feeling out of control over our own destiny (or feeling in control depending on what you see in the mirror). This is one of the top tracks we've heard in awhile by an independent artist. We tip our hats to you sir!

Welcome the June 2017 RAAB/AMP Class!

We'd like to give a warm welcome and congratulations to the incoming class of June 2017! The choice you all have made has moved you many steps closer to achieving your personal and career goals. We are excited to witness you strive and reach your goals and are here to help in any way we can. Just remember, the choice is the first step, but much like golf or hitting in baseball, the most important step is the follow through!

"As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot chose the day when we will fully bloom, it happens in it's own time." - Denis Waitley

Artist Feature | Butane

What are the origins of Butane?

Jai Phenom - Ty-Burner and I used to freestyle together back in college. Ty Burner was always into music so he invited me to the studio and asked me to sing on a track. I started to like the way he and I sounded together. Later that night we decided to join forces and create an EP. Butane is the blue flame you see on lighters. It’s so hot that the flame is blue. Blue flames are unique and they’re the hottest, which is why Butane is a perfect euphemism for our sound.

Ty Burner - Jai Phenom and I became friends in college. We use to freestyle and make songs for fun. Embarking on a quest for producing better quality music we ended up in an official recording studio.  

What are your individual music backgrounds, and how have they contributed to the sound you're trying to put out there?

Jai Phenom - Growing up, my dad would always listen to artists like Aaliyah, Sade, Kem, Lauryn Hill and Marvin Gaye, so I love smooth R&B, deep 808s and airy vocals. However, my dad also used to play artists like Biggie, Common, and Nas, so I also love lyricism, realness and percussion. I want my sound to be an eclectic formation of R&B and Hip-Hop.

Ty Burner - In my adolescence I used to play piano and write poetry. With the support of my family it eventually progressed into freestyling and making songs.

What would you say are your biggest challenges musically and professionally?

Jai Phenom - Honestly, the hardest part about this is managing yourself. When you’re independent, it’s a lot to handle. You have to manage your time with producers, other artists, and engineers.

Ty Burner - The biggest challenge I face is battling the urge to be a perfectionist. I always want to put my best foot forward per se and at times it inhibits my progress.

What's the overall message in your music?

Jai Phenom - My music is all about my story, my journey. That’s what I love about music, the overall message of a song is up to interpretation. I just speak what’s true to me and hope I can reach someone. And I like that Ty Burner and I found a way to tell our stories together in our own way. Every story on this project is unique and it really will highlight who we are as artists.  

Ty Burner - Never giving up on yourself or what you really want. As well as having faith in yourself and your abilities despite how formidable the obstacles you may face in life.

What's your creative process, and how do you bring it all together?

Jai Phenom - Writing for me is extremely therapeutic. Putting down all these emotions, thoughts, and passion into lyrics really move and inspire me. I usually write in my car, with the beat playing for hours, constantly changing lyrics and flows until it feels right.  

Ty Burner - If I have time I like to drive around until I find a spot with a nice view and put the instrumental on repeat. I proceed to freestyle until I find a flow I like, then I write down whatever comes to mind in my rhyme book, phone, notepad or whatever I got on me. Once I'm done I review and improve upon what I've written down.

What are the goals for the group overall and what can we expect in the future?

Jai Phenom - You can expect some sonically pleasing masterpieces that will ultimately propel us into our music career. Although Ty Burner and I are 2 separate artists, we make a pretty great musical team. I will be dropping my first EP titled “blueDREAMS” this year. In the meantime I will just be recording and mixing until we figure out a release date.

Ty Burner - The goal is to work our way up the hierarchy of rap and establish ourselves as some of the greatest artists of our generation.

We were lucky to catch up with the up and coming hiphop duo, Butane, to chat with them a little bit about their origins and what their goals are as artist. Check out the interview below with Butane's and find them on soundcloud at Ty-Burner and Jai Phenom

Jun 13, 2017

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

New Group Based Midterms // KMG RAAB Program

Tired of boring old written tests? Does studying for midterms and other cumbersome tests of knowledge leave you feeling flat? Well we've got some exciting news for you!!

Just introduced to the KMG RAAB program are the brand new group based midterms. The midterm process is conducted over a series of classes in a group based setting where students come together as one to create a musical EP of at least 3 tracks, recorded and mixed solely by the students. This new way of testing allows the students to showcase their knowledge of signal flow, ability to use the techniques they've learned thus far to frequency sweep, compress, and use other dynamic and time based processing.

The best part is: THEY GET TO WORK AS A TEAM!

It gives them the opportunity at first hand experience working in a real life music industry setting where they have to put their heads together to accomplish a common goal musically while using all the skills they have been taught thus far!

We caught up with Aaron Cross to ask him about the exciting new project he's working on with Remi Olsson. They plan to produce a diverse EP complete with different styles and possibly include a live singer! Other options include singer-songwriter and band recording. The sky is the limit with this!

The Wandering Woods

We'd like to give a big warm KMG welcome to the boys in the Wandering Woods project who just started tracking their new record at KMGLife Inc.! They've been in for a couple sessions over the last two weeks and are making great progress on the project. They have completed 3 songs so far with only a few more to go! Way to go guys!!

The Wandering Woods is a Denver based group that specializes in explorational instrumentation. Started by Ross Sandlin and Michael Drummer, the group concept is comprised of individual musical influences that are blended to create a feel that takes the aspects of instrumental music beyond jam styles. The idea was to push the boundaries of jazz, funk, and world music to combine the improvisational and stylistic elements into one to create a new music dialogue that is accessible to all ages.

Check them out on facebook and soundcloud and keep an eye out for the new album!

KMG Student Feature - Sail

Aaron Cross is a quiet young lad with HUUUGE sounds up his sleeve. We've watched him since he began the program, honing his knowledge on mixing electronic music to make some killin new chunes for the listening pleasure of your eager earpieces. We wanted to chat with him a little bit about how things are going and get to know him and his mission a little better. Read below and check him out on facebook and soundcloud! When you're done with that, do yourself ANOTHER favor and make the SECOND best decision you've made since deciding to read this article, and get on the interwebs and get a ticket to his upcoming show this Thursday, June 15th, at Beta Nightclub in Denver.

What’s your background in music? Do you sing or play any instruments?

My background in music is strings. I started playing stand up bass in school and instantly picked up guitar soon after! Im currently learning keys and singing.

What brought you to production verses performing on live instruments?

Electronic music production was really appealing to me because it gave me the capability to make a bands worth of music on my own. Growing up I didn't have too many friends looking to create a band.

Do you feel producing brings a certain level of peace and solidarity creating your art?

Most definitely, producing brings me to the current moment. When I'm in the zone making music, neither the past or future is on my mind. I also find peace from getting out thoughts and emotions in music, it's relieving in a sense.

What is the value you see in collaboration? How have you grown from it?

Collaboration is an extraordinary place for growth and learning. Teaching your techniques to others help solidify your comfortability with it, as well as absorbing others tactics. I've definitely evolved from collaborations, like with Remi as well as my good friend Harry (Thoreau).

Where do you hope to take sail and how do you plan to get there?

I plan to grow Sail to be its own entity. A movement of itself to enjoy life to it's fullest potential, every second. My moto is "Enjoy Every Ripple."

We understand you’re playing Beta nightclub this Thursday, June 15th. What’s the event can we expect to see in that set; what are your goals?

This event is my first event under my Sail project. I will be playing my select edits of songs as well as my remixes. Expect to hear and feel the start of my journey and hopefully catch a wave with me.

As an artist, what do you hope to contribute to the music scene? How do you plan to leave your mark?

I hope to bring melodic euphoria to the music scene, sharing vibes to reach into peoples lives to help through hardships. I also plan on incorporating cymatics into my sound design to help harmonize people's physical being.

Cymatics is the effect of sound waves on water and other physical objects. Being that we are around 80% of water, I think we are effected immensely by the music we listen to and experience. I hope to express my melodic elements to help align people.

Do you have any big long term goals in the making that you’d like fans to keep an eye out for?

New music and new motion. That's all I can say for now.

You told us recently that you've been working for a production company running lights and sound? Can you tell us a little about how that's going? Are you also DJ-ing for them?

I've been working for Kaleidoscope sound productions for about 2 years, recently I've picked up lighting. Im still an apprentice. Both are going great! I've been getting larger gigs. I do not DJ for them, my music project is curating on its own. Later on maybe, but no plans.

Shout Out to Cole Nidiffer!!

Big congratulations to Cole Nidiffer for landing an internship at Imprint Studios down in Thornton! The place has been established for approximately 5 years and is currently owned by Jon Osborne. Cole is eager to learn more in his first meeting next week to get more details but we wish him the best of luck and to always reach out if he needs any help from the KMG team!

Jun 20, 2017

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

KMG Hosts Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup #58

This past week, KMGLife Inc. had the pleasure of hosting the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup #58 which was geared mostly toward the new iOS app, Korg Gadget! The app was introduced by Mike Metlay who explained the ins-and-outs of the program. It is based on a track and scene production style similiar to Ableton's and coincidentally Gadget does export in the Ableton project file format to make for easy compatibility. The program also supports audio/midi routing and recently added the ability to record and process external audio sources!

The meetup also included a performance from Mike Metlay and Diana Smehurst. Metlay is currently the editor of RECORDING magazine, a nuclear physicist, and electronic music producer who has released roughly 24 albums in the last 40 years. Diana Smehurst is a UK native producing under the moniker, Gypsy Witch. She has been a virtual member for years attending meetings on Skype so it was great to have her here in person!

KMG Academy Students Assist at Sonic Bloom!

Great news! KMG Academy had some of our students get the great opportunity to head up to the Sonic Bloom festival to help out with putting on the event; something that is no easy task especially one on that level.

Sonic Bloom is an annual festival that is held at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks, Colorado and is one of the state's largest electronic music events! This year's line up included big electronic acts such as Polish the Ambassador, Haywyre, Minnesota, and band acts such as Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, Eminence Ensemble, and Evanoff. It also boasts 3 huge stages and houses a number of vendors and local food carts as well!

The most interesting thing about the Sonic Bloom organization, however, is the fact they offer permaculture programs as well as music and production programs. The festival and it's organization is all about prolonging music and it's healing powers while also helping take care of the environment, especially Hummingbird ranch. The organization hopes to keep the ranch and location around for generations to be a place for "Positive Impact Festivals" and put the "transformation" into transformation festivals by making it a part of our interaction with ourselves, each other, and our ecology!

We are proud of our outstanding KMG Academy students who landed opportunities to head up to Sonic Bloom to help out with the festival! We are happy that our training and their experiences with us were able to help them succeed at such an astounding level!

The Fremonts Album Release | "We Don't Live There"

We would like to congratulate The Fremonts on their recent album release, "We Don't Live There," recorded and mixed at KMGLife Inc.! It was such a privilege and a great experience watching them progress through the process of recording the album and we think it came out great!

The Fremonts started in New York City but relocated to Colorado and have really dug into their music which they describe as weaving "midwestern Ghost stories into restless Americana music." They've certainly done a great job exemplifying that thought and imagination in this album release.

The group is made up of Stephanie Dodd of Fremont, Nebraska and Justin Badger from Fremont, California (see what they did there, hehe) with Dodd on vocals, keyboard, xylophone and accordion and Badger on vocals, guitar, and kick drum. The album teems with the Americana goodness of bluegrass, country, blues folk and indie. It's the perfect blend of melodic and rhythmic.

Learn more about The Fremonts on their website as well as on facebook and soundcloud, and be sure to check out their album "We Don't Live There," out now!

| Presenting Adult Colour |

Adult Colour is a hip electronic/live duo on the scene in Boulder and we are lucky enough to have the privilege of recording their newest 9 track project and helping them launch into the next step of the project's life!

Adult Colour effectively started in 2014 at a job neither Tim Novak or Jeff Medders enjoyed. They became friends over their shared disdain for chasing the dreams of people who aren't them -- especially at this particularly unpleasant graveyard for hopes and dreams -- and eventually realized they shared similar interests. One went to the other and said, "Hey, do you want to structurally organize some sounds over time together?" and the other replied, "Heck yeah I'd like to make music with you!" The rest as they say, is history.

Since the group's inception, they've record one personal project and collaborated on multiple other pieces as well as been a one half of a slip EP. We got to meet up with them when they decided they wanted to record the debut project properly and we could not be more ecstatic they chose us to help them along on this journey!

Check them out on facebook and soundcloud while you wait for the new record. Also, peep the video above to get a little peak into their personalities as well as their ability to create music together!

Jun 27, 2017

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

Student Feature: Kommon Interests

What’s your background in music? Do you sing or play any instruments?

I started out probably like most other kids growing up in middle school band. I started on the trumpet and couldn’t really play it so I switched over to the trombone and played that for a few years before getting into high school. Once I got into high school I discovered programs that you can create beats in and then I never really looked back I guess, that kinda pulled me away from the instruments and singing I just wanted to make electronic music. I have now been making music for 12 years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Why producing?

After I saw how a computer can affect the way sound works with itself. How much you can alter the combination of the sounds and how I could be basically a one man band and create full productions. I grew up in the mountains so my resources were limited and a computer helped open the doors to ways that I can create music. In production you can do the drums, the chords, the melodies, the bass lines and everything else you want to add to the track.

What type of personal release do you get from production?

Music is a huge piece of my life and it also is an outlet for emotion and ways to release and not worry so much about the world for a moment. In producing there are no rules, there is no right or wrong way. It's just a free space to create something enjoyable for you in that moment and time while you are in the program. The coolest part is when you share it with someone else and they enjoy it just as much as you do.

Do you collaborate and if so what do you get out of it?

I think collaboration is great it shows you different ways to see how music can be made and also how the ideas that you bring to the table someone can alter and make a little different and probably more cool. The power of human brains are better together in my opinion. I have grown a lot from collaboration. Sometimes it can be tough in the studio bouncing ideas off of each other but that's where you grow and you learn how to work with other people. Almost always once you find the groove and flow of working together the outcome is always better than working alone.

What is Kommon Interests' origin story?

I have two full albums out on 2Kobras Records, the first one is “In The Moment” and the second is “Catalyst For Conversation”. You can stream them on Spotify or pick them up on iTunes, Beatport, Google and any other digital music outlet. I also have some unsigned originals up on my Soundcloud. I like to use Soundcloud as a space to play things out and have been trying to make it more of an experimental platform for styles of music that I am trying out. I will hopefully soon be wrapping up my 3rd full album and releasing that with Colorado Records.

Where do you hope to take Kommon Interests and how do you plan to get there?

I wanna get out on tours, and play festivals. I wanna bring this music all around the world. I want to see the world I live on and music will be a great way to experience different cultures and places in the world. I plan on studying the industry more and what's successful and then applying certain things to my own strategies. I think never giving up is huge and when you fail at things using those as learning curves. It's what will ultimately get me to where I wanna be. Just not giving up and to work as hard as possible every day. What are your goals? Some long term goals are to own a successful record label that has a good following that puts out a few gold or platinum records. I also want to get out on tour and play festivals next summer. I have played all over Colorado and now its time to get out and start playing some other states and eventually in other countries. I also would like to finish my 3rd album, I have been working on it for almost 2 years now and it would be cool to wrap it up and get it out. I also would like to get my social media going a little better, my numbers have kinda stayed the same for the last two years and I would like to start using my social media platforms more effectively and drive more people to my streaming sites to hopefully generate more income from my music.

What type of mark do you want to leave on the industry and how do you plan to get there?

I wanna be known for bringing meaning back to music. So much music out there today has no meaning except partying. Don’t get me wrong I like to party and plenty of my music is made for partying and getting crazy but I would like to see more than that. I wanna see musicians get involved in food drives or helping the homeless or doing more than just being the famous person. Musicians have a voice and instead of dumbing down the population we should be doing things to make it better. Right now my team is working on a very cool t-shirt campaign thats going to help feed people. 50% of the profit from the shirts we sell will go directly to food drives and food banks that will help people who are hungry and in need. My goal too is to take this on tour with me and every city we stop in, the next day I am out at the food drive involved with the community that we are helping at that stop on tour. Watching the food go into people's mouths. I wanna be involved in every aspect of it as possible no matter how big it gets.

Any big long term goals in the making that you’d like fans to keep an eye out for?

Definitely keep an eye out for the 3rd album and just a bunch of new music that I plan on releasing soon. I have been attending audio engineering school in Boulder at KMG Academy and have been learning a lot so the new music that I am about to drop is going to be really good and hopefully start the process of getting us out on tour and booked on some festivals. Keep an eye out for my next upcoming shows when they drop, if you haven’t made it to a Kommon Interests show yet in CO I highly recommend you get out to one because my main focus right now is figuring out how to get on tour and start taking this music around the world. Once the tours start I won’t be playing as much in CO so it would be cool for the home town fans to get out and enjoy it before we are out on the road.

We were able to catch up with one of our students Kommon Interests to get some insider information about his career, how it started, and where he's headed. Take a minute to check out what he had to say as well as his social media on facebook and soundcloud.

Red Sage | "Pick Up the Pieces"

Shout out to KMG Family Red Sage on their latest album release, "Pick Up The Pieces." We had a great time watching them through the process of recording and finishing the album and we are so happy for what they've accomplished, reaching the top 20 list on iTunes' reggae category.

Red Sage is a Colorado reggae group based out of Denver and was founded by vocalist/keyboard player Jordan Armijo. They blend the styles of blues, latin and soul influence (and of course reggae) to create an amazing amalgamation of sounds that come together to form the sound of Red Sage. The band has shared the stage with such artists as Tatanka, Etana, Gonzo (of Tribal Seeds) , Through The Roots, Maoli, SensaMotion, Bumpin Uglies, Sun Dried-Vibes and more.

Student Rate Sessions

Here at KMG Academy, we offer discounted studio rates at $25 an hour to be conducted by students! This allows the opportunity for students to use their abilities to work on real life music projects and our wonderful clients as well as new comers get to experience our culture and what we strive to achieve here at KMGLife Inc..

We brandish some of the best and brightest phase 6 and above students eager to test what they've learned, accompanied by our engineers to help them navigate the consoles as well as how to run a real life session. Each student is certified in the rooms they are using to ensure a successful session.

Call today to book your discounted studio time to have your music professionally worked on and to help our students gain some first hand experience in the recording arts industry! (720) 250-9020

Jul 4, 2017

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

Beanstalk 2017

Beanstalk is an annual festival thrown by local band and KMG friends The Magic Beans. This festival has been steadily growing over the past few years and this years certainly delivered on what patrons have come to expect from this small mountain festival. Held up at Rancho Del Rio in Bond, CO, the intimate settings gives you the opportunity to perhaps meet some of the artists performing and get to know them. It's great fun to get a more personal experience than some of the larger festivals.

This years festival boasted a great lineup complete with 3 sets from The Magic Beans as well as sets from Tenth Mountain Division, Fruition, Reed Mathis and Electric Beethoven, The Funky Knuckles, Mamma Magnolia, The Malai Llama, and more!

Check out the festival next year if you're looking for a quick weekend getaway complete with great music and great hangs!

Band Feature | Intergalactic Peace Jelly

We are so happy to introduce one of our new favorite bands around: Intergalactic Peace Jelly!

You may have seen this Boulder, CO based band ripping it up at the fox or down at the lazy dog for a show or a jam beginning in 2014, but these guys bring a real interesting blend to the scene. Influenced by the Grateful Dead, Metallica, and many more. We love the interesting journey their music takes you own with the organic feel of the music.

The band personnel consists of JD Rodgers (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Andrew Schuster (guitar, vocals); Max Gilbraith (bass, vocals); Evan DePuy (percussion); Gordon Lindley (drums); and Erique Johson (keys, synth) and all members contribute something unique to the sound that is I.P.J.

They have been featured in venues such as The Lazy Dog, Fiske Planetarium, Cervantes Masterpiece, Agave, and Slow Groovin' BBQ; and has opened for Marco Benevento, Amoramora, Metafonics, and a variety of other prominent local acts.

We are most excited that they have recently joined us in the studio for their next project and things are going great. Stay tuned to what's new with I.P.J on facebook!

Student Midterm Feature!!

You may remember a few weeks ago we introduced KMG group midterm projects? Well here is the first one we'd like to feature completed by students Jeff, Jordan, Dustin, and Kristofer! They nailed it with three tracks entitled, "Cocoa Leave," "Reaper Danny," and "Moving White." Check the tracks out below!

July 11, 20‍‍‍17

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍KMG Top Tracks of the Week

Shout Out to the July Class | WELCOME!!

We would like to give a warm KMG welcome to the new July class of 2017! We hope that you find everything you're looking for in our school and take advantage of all it has to offer you. We've got a lot of great, knowledgeable people here who are looking forward to helping you grow in your own personal musical journey and career!

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein

The KMG Team Does Summer NAMM In Nashville

The KMG team and students head to this year's addition of summer NAMM. The National Association of Music Merchants throws two events a year, one in winter and one in summer, and the summer NAMM event is taking place in the iconic musical city of Nashville, Tennessee.

NAMM has a vision of being the type of event where aspiring musical companies come to share their products in a marketplace designed just for them. It houses some of the most advanced technologies and equipment in the rapidly expanding industry of recording audio within a digital space.

It is an especially great place for our students to visit in order to see what all of the high-tech gear is like, learn how it works, as well as make great connections within the music world. These connections may come in handy in the future or at the very least, expose them to some of what a career in music has to offer.

BlindDog Smokin' Returns to KMGLife Inc.

KMG's favorite grammy nominated band returns to KMGLife Inc. to record some more music, bringing the same cast of zany musicians that we had the pleasure of hosting about a year ago. They're bringing back our favorite producer and engineer Tony Shepperd and they're also bringing a couple new faces, Bobby Rush and Anne Harris.

Anne Harris is a Chicago based violinist and owns her own record label entitled "Rugged Road Records" and has released 5 albums that she produced herself entitled "Anne Harris," "Open Your Doors," "Wine and Poetry,"Gravity and Faith," and "Come Hither." Her music can be described as traditional Celtic music, american folk-rock, Afrobeat, soul, and chamber music, and we're excited to see what type of flare she adds to the group.

Bobby Rush is a Grammy-Award winner for "Best Traditional Blues Album" and winner of the prestigious "Best Male Blues Artist" at the Blues Music Awards; one of his 17 blues accolades include his induction into the Blues Hall of Fame. He's been recording since 1967 and his music is simply amazing!  

Keep an eye out for what they cook up in the studio with this amazing cast of musicians.

Artist Feature | Focus

What’s your background in music? Do you play any instruments?

When I was a little kid my dad would always play a huge collection of rock, classic eighties, and smooth love songs. I fell in love with all of it and started singing at a super young age. I wish I played instruments haha I don't have the attention span to stick to learning an instrument.

What brought you into the world of rap?

I saw 8 Mile and I've been hooked ever since.

Are you familiar with the 4 elements of hip hop and if so how have they shaped your journey?

Breakdancing, DJ-ing, graffiti, and MC-ing, right? I'm really familiar with all of them but can't say I have any talent for them other than the MC part haha. My dad used to be a pretty bad ass breakdancer at one point in the 80's though.

Do you produce?

Ohhhh yeah I do! I make some terrible beats but I love doing it. I hope to start rapping over my own beats one day.

What is the value you see in collaboration? How have you grown from it?

I really only do collaborations with my friends. They force me to try out different styles and it's always fun to make music with your homies.

What are the origins of Focus?

They call me Focus cause I have ADHD. For real though I went by a different name for 5 years and in that time span I dropped 6 projects and countless singles. I decided to rebrand about a year ago and have been going by Focus ever since.

Where do you hope to take sail and how do you plan to get there?

I hope to set sail to Jamaica one day on a boat. Really though I plan on being one of the biggest artists in the game and to make a couple million dollars, and to eventually retire in jamaica. And hopefully I can inspire others on my way there. I plan on getting there through a lot of long nights filled with hard work.

As an artist, what do you hope to contribute to the music scene? How do you plan to leave your mark?

I just hope to make the best music I can.

Any big long term goals in the making that you’d like fans to keep an eye out for?

2 projects and countless singles/music videos are to come.

Jul 18, 2‍‍‍017

Artist Feature | Treyy G

We would like to give a warm shout out to our KMG Fam and artist, Treyy G. He has been with us for quite some time and recorded amazing music throughout the years. As an artist he has also helped train and educate our students on beginning to track hip-hop sessions as lead engineers!

Treyy G is a hip-hop artist from San Jose, California and has been in the game for a while now. He has dropped a number of great tracks that has landed him placement at disco:wax and Sony Music‍‍‍. Check out some of his tracks below.

Open M‍‍‍ic Night Changes

We would like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that the open mic nights held at KMGLife Inc. in the Creative Cafe will be changing from a weekly event to a monthly event but will remain on Monday nights. KMG Open Mic Night will be held on the first Monday of every month and will be hosted in the KMG Event Center in order to provide more space for additional acts!

KMG Website Makeover!!

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Keep an eye out for the brand new KMG website to be unveiled in the next week!! Check out a sneak peak below!

Ableton Lab Up and Running!

We are happy to announce that the Ableton Lab is now operational with complete setups including Ableton Push! Zaak Kerstetter‍‍‍ is excited for his first lecture style class and the KMG Ableton Music Production Program is ready to help teach you the skills to be dual-wielding Ableton live set ups like Bassnectar in no time!

KMG Top Tracks of the Week

Summer NAMM 2017 Recap

Big thanks to @bobbullockmixer & @soundkitchenstudiosllc for hosting such an inspiring master class for our students! #knowledgeispower #kmgacademy #kmglife #keepmusicgoing

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@bobbullockmixer Master Class at @soundkitchenstudiosllc! #keepmusicgoing #kmgacademy #kmglife

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This past weekend, KMG faculty and administrators Robert Gedelian, Chase Thompson, Greg Kimble, Cayla Kimble, had the distinct pleasure of accompanying KMG Academy students William Kertzman, Daniel Higgins, Felix DeHaro, Ryan Sapena, Jay Cisneros, Isiah Cisneros, Spencer Sikes, Payton Harmon, Dylan Vilona, Conner Bradley, Valfred Mendoza and Ben Webster to visit this year's edition of Summer NAMM. Lots of great gear was seen and demonstrated while ‍‍amazing knowledge was gained and shared!

The Summer NAMM trip took place in Nashville, TN from July 13-17 and featured many local attractions such as Music City Center, B.B. Kings Nashville, Lonnie's Western Room, Guitar Center, Vintage King Audio (Nashville Location), as well as a great master class with none other than Bob Bullock at Sound Kitchen Studios!

Bob Bullock has been gracing the music industry for over 40 years, getting his start in Los Angeles while working under such heavy names as Humberto Gatica, Reggie Dozier, Barney Perkins, Roy Haley and Roger Nichols. His passion for the profession allowed him to quickly make a name for himself working with acts such as The Tubes, Art Garfunkel, Seals and Crofts, Crazy Horse, Chic Corea and REO Speedwagon. He went on to win critical acclaim and more than 50 gold and platinum records working with Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Tanya Tucker, Patty Loveless, George Jones, John Anderson, Hank Williams Jr., Jimmy Buffet and Steve Wariner after relocating to Nashville. During his time in Nashville, he shifted his focus from engineering to producing and co-producing receiving credits on albums with such artists as Kenny Chesney, Loretta Lynn and Keith Urban.

The KMG squad had the pleasure of staying in a luxurious mansion called "Buddha Mansion", located just outside of the city which was quite a treat. Some of the students are in their early phases of the KMG RAAB Program, so this was an ample opportunity for them to become acquainted and the older, more seasoned students helped them to begin their KMG and pro-audio journey on the right foot. The time spent at Summer NAMM was quite enriching for students as they perused vendor stands and made new connections while others attended song-writing seminars to strengthen their skills and arsenal of tricks for writing excellent songs. A great skill to bring back to the academy and implement as they continue down the road to musical success! We are most proud of them.

Check out more photos and videos on KMG media pages on facebook, instagram, and youtube to see first hand just how exciting this experience was while we here at KMG get amped to implement these experiences into the program and prepare for the upcoming Winter NAMM!